Human Rights Training to Journalists

Support Organization: National Hunan Rights Commission and UNDP

Project Year: September -December 2019

Introduction of the project:

Human Rights’ Journalists Association (HURJA) in collaboration with National Human rights Commission (NHRC) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) conducted a three days residential workshop on Human Rights Training for Journalists in Nepal, at four provinces— Sudurpashchim Pradesh (Dhangadi); Province 5 (Bhairawaha); Gandaki Pradesh (Pokhara) and Province No. 3 (Kathmandu).  The workshops were organized at Sudurpaschim (September 21-23); Province no.  5 (December 12-14); Gandaki Pradesh (December 16-18 and Province No. 3 (December 21-23) respectively. Altogether 130 journalists, mostly women, marginalized and disadvantaged groups, from four provinces were trained in the workshop. The training was organized to train human rights journalists to protect and promote human rights by making general people aware about various dimension of human rights violation through reporting in various print media and visual media.